YCONE ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD., who always fulfills their dreams by their side by side.
Supervisor : Content team
Scenario/Script support
Ycone waits for novel works by competent artists.
[Essential] resume (free form)
[Essential] Portfolio attachment (synopsis, script 1-2)

1. Please make sure to write your contact information on the application form.
2. We will contact you individually after reviewing the selected works. (Applications will not be returned)
3. Copyright property rights and copyrights belong to the applicant, but in the case of selected works, they will be decided later according to the mutual agreement and consultation.
4. If the application or award-winning work has already won or copied another contest, the selection may be canceled
Partnership Support
Ycone is waiting for various business partnerships such as drama production support, PPL, and additional businesses.

[Required] Company introduction
[Required] Proposal

If there are several attached files,
please zip them into one file and upload them